KemCare Product Family

For ease of use, our portfolio of products is grouped under the KemCare family umbrella.
The KemCare family groups are as follows:

Actives, Excipients, UV filters, Anti-bacterials, Colours, Clays

Amphoteric Surfactants

Optimised Bases & Blends for Personal Care & Home Care

Esters for Emolliency, Emulsification & Solubilisation

Naturally Based Alkyl Polyglycoside (APGs) Surfactants

Anionic Surfactants

Oleochemicals & Natural Oils

Polymers, Copolymers & Polysaccharides

Quat compounds & Polyquaterniums

Synthetic Oils & Synthetic Oil Derivatives

Non-Ionic Surfactants (excluding APG)